Odin オーディン Ōdin is the King of the Gods. Odin is only referred to, never seen or interacted with, in the first
series of the manga. In the second series, he is hinted at for a while with silhouettes and frames containing parts of his clothing, but eventually is seen unobscured. In the anime, he is only shown as a red eye, but also referred to with the emergence of two ravens that, if they appear together, stand for Huginn and Muninn, Odin's two messengers (see ep. 1). Odin seeks to kill Loki, but is somehow unable to do so himself, so he sends assassins instead. It is implied that he was the one who stole Heimdall's eye, possibly framing Loki for the thievery. Ironically, he is portrayed as an eye, the very part he gave to get ultimate knowledge.







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