Kanji Name



3000+ (real age) 17 (appearance)




God(God of Thunder)


Thor (in Asgard) Thunderboy/ NaruGodmi/ Narukami (by Loki)

Anime Debut

Episode 2


Showtarou Morikubo

Voice Actor

Chris Patton

"I know you well,Loki, yet despite the fact, I have no reason to kill you.." -Narugami to Loki


Actually the Norse God of thunder, Thor, in the form of a teenage boy. He was sent to Earth from the realm of gods to kill Loki;

In the manga, he doesn't remember this at first, while in the anime, he chooses not to kill Loki because he sees no reason to. Unfortunately, he forgot how to return to the realm of the gods, so he is forced to work a wide array of part-time jobs to support himself, which becomes another one of the series' recurring jokes. 


He takes on the form of a 16 year old boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is seen most often in a green high school uniform typical of Japanese schools. 

He is always seen carrying around a wooden sword whcih is actually Mjollnir in disguise. 


He appears to be a hot-blooded individual with a strong determination. He is also shown to be a bit of an idiot in certain situation, not being nearly as sharp-witted as Loki. 

He will also refuse to do something that he does not see as right in itself, deciding not to kill Loki in the anime because he sees no reason to do so. He is shown to defend those close to him, showing a sense of loyalty within him, and is capable of understanding people's feelings when it comes to certain things. 




Narugami often bullies Yamino, calling him names and demands food from him but in the manga he's unaware of Yamino's real identity.

Mayura DaidoujiEdit

She was the third one who was Narugami's friend/best friend who always hang out with, later in the manga, Loki came up with the idea of them being together, then Mayura and Nakugami both agreed, then at chapter 19, Mayura became like a GF appearance, (like showing him care, often go to school together, maked him bentou (lunch)), since the show is still ongoing, there are more details... (This is only shown in the manga).


He was the first one to get his friend, they always hang out when seen each other, (but cut when he has a job), in chapter 19, he almost killed Loki, Loki by saying "My friend" everytime always gets his attention, by using the chance, he defeated Narugami... And later, they're still friends.


  • Loki addresses him as Narukami, itself a double pun on god (神kami) and lightning (雷kaminari), as clarified by Kinoshita in the second series.